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All of our electrified XC-skiing tracks open! Don't miss the opportunity!

01 MAR 2018 22:00
If you are in Stockholm visiting, and want to try true swedish cross country skiing in woods and fields you have...
  • Uppdaterad: 21 JUN 2018 11:35

... a perfect chance. All our skiing tracks under electric light (until midnight) are finally open this winter season. There are in total 15 km unique cross country skiing (if following this line). Some challenging parts (uphill) not available at other sites here in whole greater Stockholm area. But we have it! And, if having a lazy day, just shorten the distance. Drop us an email if you do not know your way around.

Read more here to find out parking lots, see inspirational movies etc.

It is free of charge! But Väsby XC ski club appreciate a voluntary gift since we do have costs for machinery. But heck, no hassle, most important is to enjoy the fun! 


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