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Ski Väsby in English

Welcome to enjoy cross-country skiing in our winter world - or great running in the summer.

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Our cross country skiing fascilities are free of charge. We are situated here, with a club house and START of runs. We have well marked different distances. Both prepared trails in the forest with electric light from 6 am till midnight and regular natural forest trails, as well as small dirt roads and gravel paths. For parking options - read more here. You are also more than welcome to contact our club either for quick instruction, for further information, or for just anticipating a heck lot of fun. Worthwhile trying? Sure.


Come on over and ski snowy cats down from sky! Or optional - if you do not have any luck with magic big white socks - no snow comes with natural cats... Well watch a couple of youtube clips here from club members in action, enjoy!






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Väsby Stadslopp, löpning

Väsby SK - Skidor
Box 135
19422 Upplands Väsby

Tel: 0707910113
E-post: This is a mailto link

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